Join my inner circle! I'm opening up my business toolbox just for you in my 10 week businesses growth coaching program. 10 weeks of learning, action and a 1-1 session with me.

Hi, I'm Lucy. I'm the owner of Acorn & Pip, Acorn & Pip Loves and my business builder community. The past 5 years I have grown my business from a kitchen table to a multi site, multi six figure retail company. My passion lies in helping business grow and The Circle is a supportive environment to encourage and nurture business growth using all of my experience to help guide you.


Join my 10 week group coaching program, where we will dive into the details of confidently growing your small business and seeing it flourish with pride. This coaching program comes from my experience of growing Acorn & Pip from my kitchen table to a multi-site retail company. The course includes a 1-1 session with me, group power hours, top level guest speakers and a supportive community too!

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Foundation Phase

As we step in to 2021 our business brains are bubbling. This is the chance to set our business intentions for the year, be sure all of the processes are in place to reach our business goals. We will cover:

  • Branding and messaging
  • Defining your pathway to success
  • Business identity and your USP
  • Business audits to future proof your growth

Core Phase

As we work through existing barriers and get comfortable with our goals, we will look in to the essentials of business growth, delving in to:

  • Marketing plans to grow your business
  • Finding your ideal customer
  • The true cost of your pricing structure
  • Refining your business processes

Integration Phase

It's time to make the change. With enhanced clarity and confidence, we can now walk in to action

  • Range planning and protecting your cash.
  • Time management and getting your systems working for you.
  • Protecting your business: a legal perspective.

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