It has been the most the invaluable weeks I've ever had with my business. I joined the course with no idea what to expect but wow every single week I come away so inspired by everything that has been covered. Lucy's made me understand the real depths my business which I didn't even know existed and helped me see past my every day business life and look at it from a completely different perspective. which has helped me grow massively in terms of what I do within the business and helped me to manage my time a lot more efficiently. as well as inspiring me with new ideas every week which I never thought were possible before. It's something I would have never explored had I not done this course.

- Drew: Handmade Scandi Company

It’s reduced my anxiety levels for one! It’s given me an almost step by step guide to get going. It’s answered those type of questions that I probably would have made mistakes on, stumbling through myself and wasted time on. It’s been lovely to also have the advice and support of the other business owners. It’s given me so much practical, usable advice that I really feel I have such a strong base to get going. I’ve LOVED being on this course. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

- Orla Fitzsimmons

The course is a full round up of all you need to know to get started in business, with added insights from someone who has travelled the path before you.

This course has helped me find focus and understanding of the deeper workings of my business, I can see myself coming back to my notes and the exercises we have done in the months (and years!) ahead. Every week I leave with a fresh mindset, full of ideas of ways I can develop and grow my business. It’s really encouraged me to be more mindful of what I want to achieve - and also given me the tools to be able to work towards it. Thank you

- Nicola: My Placenta Remedies

10/10 Lucy has been brilliant and ensures every session is tailored and relevant to each business. It’s clear she knows so much about each of our businesses and the level of detail and care she puts into each of us is meticulous. I’ve regained focus and have a real understanding of what’s needed for my business to grow. Being surrounded by business owners who are so passionate each week is inspiring. It has allowed me to reconsider my purpose and centre all my energy in the right areas.

A real insight into the running of a successful small business and how to plan and execute growth. The talks from other experts has been invaluable, Lucy has considered exactly what a small business needs to know and there have been so many insider hints and tips from each area that I’d never even considered. An absolute must for any small business owner.

- Charlotte: Loving By Nature

“I moved to town four months ago, and I was looking for a local partner that would help establish me and my small business within the community.”

- Gena Columbia

“Our small company has skyrocketed in profits since partnering with BusinessWorks. Their 1-hour response time and 99% customer satisfaction record is just the beginning. I don’t know where my business would be without BusinessWorks.”

- Catherine Zipper